I know a lot of good writers. Not bragging; just saying. I want them to be part of this blog, so I occasionally host columns from writers I invite. Some are more regular than others. Some are one-hit wonders; some contribute constantly. When I invite them, I tell them to write what, when and however often they wish, as long as their pieces satisfy the following criteria: It is good, accurate and helpful writing about substantive material.

Disclaimer: Some of the friends will use foul language, which I don’t plan to edit, so keep that in mind when allowing any children with a delicately evolving grasp of the American vernacular to read this blog.

They are here:

JIM SOJOURNER is one of the smartest people I know. Sometimes, to his own detriment. He’ll occasionally think his way into a high-minded depression, and succumb to an intense urge to weave such an intelligent critique of humanity as what you read in his stories. It’s a beautiful process. Also, Jim and I may or may not have spent too much time drinking together when we first became acquainted in college, involving ourselves in the periodic friendly brawl in my muddy front yard, and I may or may not have sucker-punched him in the face once or twice. He may or may not have forgiven me. Jim writes excellent material for the sports desk at The Durango Herald. His articles about politics and other things will appear on the Hedge as he feels it is necessary.


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